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Front Of House Engineer

I make things louder. I make sure that instruments sound the way they should and that they are balanced out to each other. I take care that the audience understands every word said by whoever they came to listen to. I do this by selecting the right microphones and placing them at the right spots, harvesting those signals into the mixing system. there they undergo additional conditioning as required by equalization and several other tools. once summed together I feed the final mix into the soundsystem to get heard by you, the audience.

from small clubs to venues of several thousands, from indierock to a corporate event.

Soundsystem Design

this is about the right loudspeaker at the right position playing with the correct level. before anyone can mix an event as described above, the sound reproducing mechanism must be alligned properly. a good understandig of physics is mandatory. but, this is not only about rocknroll. I can help you to choose and setup the proper loudspeakers for your restaurant, shop or living room.


this is pretty obvious lately. I will come and record things on individual tracks. those can be mixed and/or re-arranged later, either by me or any other trustworthy being.

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I will do any of the above to a level as satisfying as the gear provided will allow me to, probably even more. I own a small fine selected set of tools necessary for the job, and I know where and how to get the big ones, if necessary. If you think I could help your production, then I probably can. Don't hesitate and feel free to get in touch!

I prefer to work with the usual suspects in professional audio:
yamaha, allen&heath, soundcraft, midas, digico

meyer sound, d&b audio, l'acoustics, alcons, nexo

akg, sennheiser, shure, neumann, schoeps, rode


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most people involved into audio will know how to mix. however, some have certain, specific fields of interest that go well beyond that. some are experts on RF and wireless technology, some are specialised in mixing monitors almost exclusively. i like to design and improve soundsystems.

if you put any speaker anywhere in a room, you will most likely recognize what's being played, and anyone who tells you otherwise is probably interested mainly in your wallet. on the other hand, there is actually a lot of physics going on, and installing a radio in ones kitchen is not quite the same as making sure an audience of several thousands hears and understands the programme, although the same principles apply, of course.

what does this mean?

in simple terms, larger setups require careful considerations about how many speakers to hang where, what attributes those speakers have in terms of power and coverage, and what processing in terms of delay, level tapering and equalization is needed to make sure everyone in the audience has the same acoustic experience.

to do this properly, one must know the physical principles and measurement techniques involved. I can do that. since not every room can be changed and most budgets are not endless, only when all the laws are known, meaningful decisions can by made to get the best result. the best result is usually an equal listening experience for everyone in the audience.

for measurement, I work with the industry-standard Smaart v8 software (Certified Operator). I use german-made matched microphones by iSEMcon (EMX7150), and their calibrator gives me the confidence to evaluate actual real-world dB values (dBA, dBC, LAeq1, LAeq10).

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Jakub Velikovský

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Born in Czechoslovakia, moved to Austria as a child.
As was family tradition, I've been involved into musical education from early on. I graduated on Sir Karl Popper Realgymnasium (HighSchool) in 2004, studied musicology for several semesters on the University of Vienna, and started working as an assistant in the field. Looking for a more practical approach, I started out as a freelancer in live audio, meanwhile finishing the Audio Engineering Diploma on the SAE Vienna in 2013. I've been involved in the audioparty ever since, but firmly believing that the journey to perfection never ends, I do visit workshops from professionals and certain manufacturers.

german, czech & english

based in Vienna, Austria, EU.

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Since some corporate events tend to be rather private, I won't mention any companies due to professional discretion

Artist I've encountered in my professional carrer:

Abdullah Ibrahim & Ekaya
Akua Naru
Alkaline Trio
And So I Watch You From Afar
Anderson Paak
Ankathie Koi
Anthony Braxton Sextett
Beat It
Benny Golson Quartett
Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space
Bohren & der Club Of Gore
Bonnie Tyler
Brand New Heavies
Brenk Sinatra
Buster Williams Quartett
Carl Cox
Catherine Russel
Cha Bud
Charlie XCX
Craig Taborn & Dave King
Chris Potters Underground
Christoph Cech Jazz Orchestra Project
Chuck Ragan
Cid Rim
Count Basic
Craig Taborn
Crystal Lake
Dave King Trio
David Friesen Trio
David Helbock Trio
David Murray
David Torn Trio
Dead Prez
Dee Dee Bridgewater
Die Sterne
Die Strottern
Dirty Dozen Brass Band
DJ Premier
Donny McCaslin
Dope DOD
Douglas, Ribot & Ibarra
Fabian Rucker Quintett
FM Belfast
Foreign Beggars
Future Islands
Georg Grewe
Gina Schwarz
Gnostic Trio
Gregory Porter
Gudrun Von Laxenburg
Hazmat Modine
Heinz Aus Wien
Hudson Mohawke
IBK Tribe
Iiro Rantala
Jacky Terasson Trio
James Blood Ulmer
James Carter Organ Trio
Jazzmeia Horn
Joey Alexander Trio
Joey DeFrancesco & The People
John Pizzarelli Quartet
John Zorn
Jon Sass
Karate Andi
Karl Ratzer Quintett
Karl Ritter
Kompost 3
La Dispute
Little Rosies Kindergarten
Madame Baheux
Marcos Valle
Marcus Miller
Mark Kozelek
Mats Gustaffson
Mavi Pheonix
Maximo Park
Michelle Gurevich
Nada Surf
Nouvelle Cousine
Orges & Ockus Rockus Band
Orjazztra, Christian Muthspiel
Parov Stelar
Pee Wee Ellis
Phantom Ghost
Pharao Monch
Phil Minton Quartett
RA the Rugged Man
Retrogott & Hulk Hodn
Richard Österreicher
Riegler Salesny Knig
Robert Glasper Experiment
Ryan Leslie
Scott Mathews
Secret Chiefs 3
Seun Kuti
Shai Maestro Trio
Souls Of Mischief
Spitting Ibex
State Radio
Stereo MCs
Studio Dan
Synesthetic Octet
Talib Kweli
Tanita Tikaram
The Burning Hell
The Donots
The Ephemerals
The Fuckbuttons
The Leftovers
The New Cool Collective&Matt Bianco
The Pharcyde
The Ruff Pack
The Soundtrack Of Our Lifes
The Thermals
The Tiger Lillies
Theo Croker Band
Thirsty Eyes
Tom Rainey Trio
Turntable Rockers
Ty Dollar $ign
Uri Caine
Vanesa Haynes
Vashti Bunyan
Viola Hammer Trio
Weisse Wnde
Wiener Tschuschenkapelle
Wolfgang Ambros
Wolfgang Reisinger
Yasmo & Die Klangkantine


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I don't think facebook or whatsapp are suitable for professional, job-related communication. please, drop me a line via email (very good), give me a call (very fast) or send me a letter (impressive!).


tel: 0043 699 19 220 250

Jakub Velikovský
Längenfeldgasse 10/13
1120 Wien

UID: ATU70148119

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